Illustrator First Attempt

This is my first attempt at using illustrator, I just used a blob brush tool with different colors to draw this... thing... Not to proud of it, but hey it was my first attempt.

This is the final for the two previous WIPS, for this one I used four separate images, one of a speaker which is the background, the second being a mouth of a classmate, and the last two being the hands of my teacher. This one was fun but it took a while to come up... Continue Reading →

I decided to add hands (by the suggestion of my teacher) to the creature image thing... I used the liquify tool yet again to make the hands into weird long bony hands, then I used the mixer brush tool to make it look more like a part of the image.

WIP for final

Kind of a weird thing, initially i started with an image of a speaker and it slowly evolved into whatever this is. I mostly used the liquify filter to get this effect, and I am currently struggling to separate the image from its background.

WIP Face shatter

In the middle of this work I realized that the image was really too dark to have and effective shadow effect. But using shatter is fun, its probably my favorite thing to do within Photoshop and I will probably do more shatters, hopefully improving them in the future.

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