WIP Low Poly Corgi

For this project, getting to this point has been a process... My first issue was following a pretty bad tutorial which took me through a lot more steps than necessary, making this project take a lot more time than it should have. The first step to create this was finding a base image -- an... Continue Reading →


Final T-Shirt back design

Again this hasn't changed much from the last WIP aside from the image trace in the back, once again to give it a more post-cardy feel. With all three post cards there I think that of all the designs mine could possibly take the cake, so to speak.

WIP T-Shirt back design

In order to make this, I took a photo of the Y.O. Ranch where my client, the American Voyager Association, will be going on their trip to Texas. I made an image trace of the photo using only 3 colors as this was one of the constraints. After which I edited out the cars on... Continue Reading →

Violin Final Project

My final for the illustrator project, since my last WIP I have added another string of music notes, and changed the background from a diagonal stripe down the middle to a circular gradient with a lighter middle, and a darker edge. The main tools that I used throughout the project were the blob brush tool,... Continue Reading →

WIP for Illustrator final

This is my WIP for my final project within illustrator, I have so far used an image trace on an image of a violin, then drew some warped sheet music to go in the background. I plan to add some more music notes (sheet music) maybe overlapping the violin.

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